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    Rocky Mountain Kangal is located near Missoula Montana, USA. Being situated in the mountain corridor between Yellowstone National Park and Glacier National Park, the ranch is located in the heart of America's most dense predator country. The predator species here are too numerous to list. Some of the larger and more problematic are coyotes, badgers, bald eagles, golden eagles, mountain lions, black bears, grizzly bears and giant wolf packs. The reason we got into these guard dogs was to keep ourselves and our livestock safe. The Türk Çoban Köpeği or Turkish Shepherd dogs have done an incredible job against the trials and tribulations of our calving and lambing seasons.

Kangal type Livestock Guardian dogs

Mission Statement : Since we are situated in one of the most deadly areas in the world for livestock we will continually strive to produce the best livestock guardian dogs possible. This has lead us to what we believe is the best LGD type of dog period, the Turkish Shepherd dog. More specifically the Kangal type dogs. We have acquired many kangals and kangal style dogs from most of the popular breeders in Turkey. We hope to continue to find new bloodlines for the USA to insure genetic soundness. Rocky Mountain Kangal is geared towards making the best working dogs, we do not focus on "pure" kangal dogs or kangal show dogs. While these dogs look stunning on the red carpet and can make great pets and companions we aim to create true working dogs, Kangal style.
Our main goals are:
   to keep the dogs guarding livestock in fenced pastures and in wide open range
   to keep the dogs social with people and children
   to keep the breed viable to defend against a guardian dogs biggest threat, the Canadian Wolf
   to keep the dogs size and conformation correct for working
   to keep the dogs overall good health

    The Turkish Shepherds are known for fiercely guarding livestock while still being gentle with its owners. Most of these dogs will also be tender with other people if socialized correctly, preferably at a young age(2-4months). Though some people raise their dogs to gear them for work where human danger is more of a problem. These dogs have amazing and legendary size, power, speed, agility, ruggedness, intelligence, devotion and have a natural instinct to guard. I personally prefer a more friendly dog therefore I socialize them more. It seems not to matter much in regards to work as they automatically know how to act to a minor situation or serious threat with the appropriate level of response. This reduces the liability of having the public visit the ranch or taking the dogs to public places. For the most part if you socialize the dogs they will bark to let you know you have guests. If you don't socialize them they probably won't let your guests out of the car until you greet them.
   These dogs traditionally followed their sheep around the plains and mountains day and night. Some nights the dogs and their sheep would bed down to sleep out on the open range and other nights return to their villages. So the dogs had to be formidable enough to fight off wolves yet soft enough to go back to the village and interact with neighbors, elderly and children. A type of dog that can truly fight a lion and yet still lay with the lamb.
   To make sure Rocky Mountain Kangal breeds the best livestock protection dogs possible we pay attention to many details. Here we raise the bar, not just reach it. Starting off, obviously all of the dogs must bond with the livestock and all of our dogs must pass human aggresion tests. So far every dog we raised on the ranch have passed their aggression tests with flying colors. Next we focus on health. These dogs live long lives and have great health in general. They are rarely found with genetic defects like elbow dysplasia, bloat, cancer and other things that many giant breeds consistently show.
   Being from the giant molosser dog(mastiff forefather) they can develop hip dysplasia. This is the only genetic problem that shows with any consistency. Thankfully it is one of the only genetic diseases that breeders can test for when the dogs reach breeding age unlike cancer which may not show up until the dogs have passed on their bad genes to generations of pups, grandpups and great-grandpups. Through selective breeding by utilizing x-rays we can improve the hip scores of our guardian pups. All of our breeding dogs must pass their hip and elbow x-rays.
   Finally we only breed dogs that have the ability to stand toe to toe with America's most formidable predator, the Canadian Gray Wolf. To face off with such a fierce foe a dog like the Türk Çoban Köpeği is needed. Traditionally in Turkey following his first wolf kill the shepherd dog will be named Kurtçul(wolfkiller) and then earns the right to wear a Toht(spike collar). At Rocky Mountain Kangal most the dogs wear our RMK wolf collars though our dogs usually just escort the wolves off the property before things get physical enough to earn the name kurtçul.

Kangal Puppies for sale

Kangal PuppiesRocky Mountain Kangal will have Turkish Shepherd or Kangal type puppies for sale yearly. We are breeding for good working dogs in wolf country. This includes size, structure, work ethics, disposition towards friendly humans, friendly dogs and livestock.

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