About the Breed

As perfect as these dogs are unfortunatley the Kangal Industry is not. I will do my best to not let myself or my dogs fall into that dark side. I personally have had breeders here in the USA switch my paid and reserved male pup to a female pup. Had USA breeders lie about deposit refunds($grand down the drain$) And even had a "Lady" breeder in Georgia state send me the itenerary for my pick of litter males flight asking for final payment....only to take my $3,000 and run(pick of litter plus airplane is pricey). I've even had a Turk take hundreds of dollars for collars only to see him join the dark side too. These are just my own experiences. I have heard many other stories just like mine, some even worse.

But don't be discouraged. I have met some real amazing people through the Kangal "family" too. All over the globe, and even one other here in Montana. If I don't currently have a litter for sale don't worry. I have friends I could recommend you to with out looking for anything to go in my pocket. I like Karma to work for me not against me. It is very hard to get Kangals in the USA. So if you have the right environment for Kangal I am here to help out any way possible.