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Prices!!!....My most popular question

KANGAL PUPS = $2,000-$4,000
$500 price breaks if pups are picked up in person, pick of the litter will increase price $500-$1,000 Normally pups are $2,500 plus $400 for shipping inside USA, so the total is usually $2,900 shipped. For pups picked up you save the $400 shipping cost and also get a $500 discount for a total price of $2,000 picked up.


Depending on pup quality, age, gender, guarantee, contract, buyer, location, parents and pic of litter.
  Please take into account that Turkish Shepherd dogs are super rare. That they are basically banned from exportation. And if you can find a way to import one look at spending about $3,000 for a Kangal to arrive at your door. They are generally long lived, healthy, weather hardy, safe around kids and non-threatining strangers, giant dogs, predator controlling and livestock loving.
  To obtain a TRUE breeding quality pair you will need to buy 4 or so dogs as not every dog is breeding quality... there's $12,000 for Kangals, then add up feeding the 4 of them till they reach and age where their growth plates close and they are ready for hip/elbow X-rays( 2 years). Then all the vet bills and other overhead and labor cost... also an extra dog to clock in for your breeding female the 6 months a year when she is in heat, breeding, gestating, whelping and recovering. Your looking at a huge investment to become a breeder. So to sell kangal pups for $400 just isn't feasible. Buying a puppy from RMK is about the same cost to import one but much less health risk, money risk and headache.
  It's frustrating because MANY MANY buyers get upset when I tell them my prices. You shouldn't expect to buy one of the most rare dogs in the world, that are also the best dog in the world, for a low price of $400. You can click "buy now" for Great Dane's and St. Bernards all day long for prices between $400- >$4,000... When you look there are THOUSANDS of these pups for sale every day... Now add up all the Kangals for sale all YEAR in the USA and the numbers are in the few hundreds, maybe! Not to mention these dogs live about TWICE as long as a Great Dane on average. So there is my reason for my "high" prices... Which is the same price I paid for mine. If you want the best... expect to pay for it. If you want a cheap dog, this is not the kennel to find it at...

   I would be VERY wary of anyone selling Kangal or Boz Shepherd pups for less than $1,200... the only pups I have seen for that cheap are from PUPPY MILLS... or from people doing there best puppy mill impersonation. ALSO BE WARE OF A BREEDER WITH ONLY 2 DOGS, TWO KANGALS IS NOT MUCH TO SELECT FROM FOR BREEDING QUALITY AND ARE USUALLY BRED BECAUSE THATS ALL THEY HAVE. VERY RARE IS A BREEDER WITH JUST 2 DOGS THAT ARE GREAT WORKING DOGS WITH GOOD HIPS AND TEMPERAMENT. Once a blue moon though a solid pup will sell for less than $1,200 and its usually a female the breeder can't seem to sell as everybody wants a male kangal. Its just a mental thing as most kangal breeders will tell you the females usually guard better.

   How to buy a Kangal puppy for wolf country : Find kangal breeders that x-ray all their dogs. A kangal breeder who has larger dogs but isn't just focused on size. Locate the breeders who keep their dogs with livestock in large pastures and/or open range in wolf territory. Now not just in pastures with woven livestock wire or hogwire but out there where the dogs will have to square off with real threats. Ask for references. Look at pedigrees. Check out the x-ray cards. See if they aggression test their dogs. Try to visit the kangal kennel and make sure its all real and not a sales pitch.

   If you have any questions regarding the lies being told about myself, my dogs, my kennel or my business practices please feel free to ask and I will answer all of your questions.


To end on a good note. These are the best dogs on the planet... but don't take my word for it. The proof is in the pudding. Stop by if you're in the area and I promise you, you will fall in love with these Gentle Giants.

Not many dogs are this Large, safe around people, pretty much Bombproof around kids, dangerous around predators, easy to keep, long lived, smart, healthy, livestock loving and agile.... did I mention FAST!!!!
My smaller dogs at 28" 100lbs can run about 30mph
My large dog at 30" 155.lbs has a clocked sustained speed at 37mph and top speed of 40mph!!!
The large Turkish dogs around 36" 180lbs run between 40-45mph
But this only happens when the dogs have good hips and a need for speed.

In my opinion Turkish Shepherd dogs are the best dog for guarding anything, especially in wolf country, while still being sociable.

Vose IV