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Spikeless Wolf Collars...

The Rocky Mountain Kangal Spikeless Wolf Collar is now for sale to the public. I have been buying wolf collars, having them made and making them myself for a yew good years now. They are expensive to make and near impossible to find for sale. The cheap ones you find for sale don't last long. And to find a quality one you will have to make it yourself, until now. The wolf collar is one of the downfalls of the LGD world in America. Not many people have working LGDs. And even less feel the need to buy an expensive wolf collar for their guard dog. This gets even worse as then in wolf country most dogs are WAY under gunned in a wolf fight and their cheap owners won't even get them some good armor. So more LGDs die in battle than should be. These LGD losses make it hard for some livestock producers to even want to purchase LGDs in the first place.

     I can tell you for a fact that giving your dog a wolf collar makes him feel proud. Sometimes they don't understand at first, but after a few sparring sessions with another pack mate they will soon learn to love the wolf collar. The wolf collar will give them extra confidence as the dogs are smart and know they are more formidable with some added body armor. People and dogs get strength in numbers, we also get more confidence in numbers. Humans will also get more confidence if you give them a badge, pistol and a bullet proof vest. The dogs relate to this.

     Get your dog some armor. He will be more protected and he will have a confidence boost which both could save his life. Many times just your dogs boost of confidence will avert a fight with a wolf. As now when the wolf comes by your dogs bark doesn't sound like a bluff but like a full blown battle cry. My Kangal and Boz haven't fought the wolves that I know of. But we have seen the wolves confront the dogs and the dogs convince the wolves to keep moving on. The wolves come onto our land about every 2 weeks. Yet they don't battle the dogs for food or territory. I attribute this to the ability of the Kangal and Boz breed and also their confidence that a small amount of armor in a vital spot gives them.


The wolf collar I have now developed for my Kangal and Boz Shpeherd dogs after many improvements month after month for years, it is, well the search is finally over. From here on out I will just toy with small changes. The main product is here, it will stay. I have a Rhino proof wolf collar that still allows your dog to scratch his ears and for you to give him a bear hug. He can be around kids or people in shorts and not be a danger. He can move better and more comfortable.  If a fight breaks out amongst my own pack I will have  less wounds to mend. Yet at the same time a wolf will not be able to deliver a fatal blow through the steel collar. To see the wolf collar go to my image gallery. If you have an LGD dogs, please get them some armor, they deserve it for risking their lives for you and your livestocks safety.